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    We have been offering Fitness, Self Defense and Martial Arts training for 16 years in a Family Friendly Enviroment. Our Fitness Classes have no contracts or Memberships

    We offer Classes in: Taekwondo, Escrima, JKD BAJRA MMA, Fitness Boot Camps, and Self Defense Classes.

    Benefits of Martial Arts for All Ages
    1. Self-Discipline 2. Exercise 3. Self-Defense 4. Coordination 5. AND ITS FUN


    Taekwondo is the art of kicking and punching originating from Korea. Classes build physical strength, agility, and they are a fun way to be become fit. The physical training of Taekwondo is complimented by a philosophy based on "courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit." Anyone can follow the way of Taekwondo and become strong in mind and body.


    Escrima is an incredibly versatile martial art from the Philippines. When training you learn a refined sense of effective angles of attack and defense. These angles can be worked with, among other things, sticks, a knife, a sword, or with the empty hand.


    A UNIQUE Program for Street survival and Sport Martial Arts is a non-classical style with simple, direct, and straightforward movements and techniques. Its key features are economy of movement with maximum effect and lighting fast execution of technique.

    Fitness Boot Camp
    These are group fitness classes that promote fat loss, camaraderie, and team effort. They are designed to push people a little bit further than they would normally push themselves in the gym alone. The idea is that everyone involved works at their own pace as they team up and work towards one goal.

    Self-Defense Classes
    A hybrid style self-defense program focusing on the key concepts of: awareness, striking, take downs, ground fighting, joint manipulation, weapons, and dealing with single and multiple opponents.

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